PTC Facts

First Place Among All Saudi Universities

In a report from the Ministry of Higher Education, The Postgraduate Training Center, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, got the first place among all the Saudi universities in terms of the number of educational events.


Total Number of Activities and Trainees Breakthrough

The total number of activities conducted by the Postgraduate Training Center for this year reached up to 634courses with 19,206 trainees. This is considered to be a breakthrough and distinguished achievement. This is the highest number of courses and the highest number of trainees since the establishment of the center. 


First Center to provide certified license and course for BLS and Heart Saver First Aid with CPR in Arabic Language

PTC is the first center that provides BLS and Heart Saver First Aid with CPR in Arabic which are issued by the American Heart Association (AHA). See related news release on"


MOH Training Project Agreement

The Postgraduate Training Center conducted a total of 20 courses and trained a total of 900 participants in completion of the remaining courses for the MOH Training Project's first agreement of July 2010.

As per the Directive of His Excellency, the President of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences and Chief Executive Office of National Guard Health Affairs, the MOH Training Project's unfinished courses were divided between the Deanship of Postgraduate Education Central Region and Western Region. The PTC-DPE-Central Region determined the remaining courses and as agreed upon by both PEAA Regions, endorsements were done in three stages or more, and/or until these courses are completed in April 2012.

Courses provided by the PTC-DPE-Riyadh and DPE-Jeddah for the MOH Training Project, starting January 2012 until April 2012.


In the Year 2012, the Postgraduate Training Center Committee (PEAA001) wherein the Director and Manager of the Postgraduate Training are members, reviewed a total of 38 new PTC educational activity proposals, which were thereafter have been supported for implementation.


New PTC Educational Activities

Requesting Department Educational Activity Name
Anesthesia 1. Pediatric Moderate Sedation Analgesia Course
Cardiac Sciences 2. Non-Invasive Pediatric Respiratory Support Course
  3. Cardiac Computed Tomography Course
  4. Faculty Enhancement Workshop - Writing Learning Objectives
  5. Faculty Enhancement Workshop - Concept Mapping
  6. Faculty Enhancement Workshop - Educational Methodologies & Terminologies
  7. Faculty Enhancement Workshop - Miroteaching
  8. Faculty Enhancement Workshop - Course/Block Coordination
  9. Faculty Enhancement Workshop - Innovations in Assessment
  10. Faculty Enhancement Workshop - Program & Faculty Evaluation
Critical Care Department 11. Essential Skills for Clinical Simulation Workshop
Dental Services 12. Dental Research Workshop
  13. Comprehensive Course for Straumann Prosthetics
  14. Dental Lab Laser Workshop
  15. Noble Biocare Implant Workshop
  16. Instruments Sharpening Workshop
Emergency Medicine 17. First Responder - Arabic Version
  18. ECG & Pharmacology for AHA-ALS Courses
Family Medicine 19. Multidisciplinary Introductory Quality Improvement Course
  20. Essential Life Support in Obstetrics (ELSO)
  21. Update in Hypertension Management for Family Physicians
Infection Prevention & Control 22. Construction in Healthcare: Standards, Safety & Techniques 
  23. Using Epidemiology for Publication Course 
Internal Medicine 24. Hypertension Awareness Day 
Medicine 25. Medical Residents Annual Research Day 
  26. Venous Thromboembolism Awareness Day 
Obstetrics and Gynecology 27. Pregnancy and Placenta Course 
Oncology 28. The Best of SIOP & ASBMT Annual Mini-Conference 
Pathology & Lab Medicine 29. Anatomical Pathology Review Course 
Pediatrics 30. Breastfeeding Counseling: A 40-Hour Training Course 
  31. Breastfeeding Promotion & Support in a Baby Friendly Hospital 
Pharmaceutical Care Services 32. Anti-Thrombosis Certificate Program 
Respiratory Services 33. Basic Respiratory Course 
Safety Management 34. Healthcare Construction Safety Training Course 
  35. Safety Awareness Week 2012 in KSAU-HS 
  36. Facility Management and Safety Days 2012 
  37. Hazardous Material for Healthcare First Responder Awareness Level Course
Surgery 38. Laser in Spider and Minor Varicose Veins Workshop


Outreach Activities

Location Course Name
Bahrain  PALS (P)
 In-Kingdom Hospitals 
 * Al Adama Hospital BLS (P)
 * Al Hamadi Hospital SNRP (I)
* Dr. Soliman Hospital  SNRP (P), SNRP (I)
 * Al Yamama Hospital PALS (P)
 * King Fahad Medical City ALSO (P)
* Prince Salman Hospital TRIAGE
* Security Forces Hospital TRIAGE
* Prince Sultan Hospital TRIAGE
 In-Kingdom Private Institutions 
 * American International School HSFA
 * General Electric Company HSFA
* General Contract Company HSFA
 * CMC Middle East Company HSFA
* EMCOR Facilities HSFA


2012 Publication

Alamin Berhanu, Manal Al Nasser: Automated External Defibrilator. Trends of automated external defibrilator training in Saudi Arabia and global perspectives on use of deployment. The Saudi Medical Journal published in August 2012, a research work from the Postgraduate Training Center, the review article titled, "Automated external defibrilator. Trends of automated external defibrilator training in Saudi Arabia and global perspectives on use and deployment." See Article in the Saudi Medical Journal 2012; Vol. 33 (8): 819-829 or follow:



International Presentation of Published Article in China

Dr. Alamin Berhanu and Ms. Manal Al Nasser, authors of the published review article titled, "Automated external defibrilator. Trends of automated external defibrilator training in Saudi Arabia and global perspectives on use and deployment" in the Saudi Medical Journal were invited to participate and give an oral presentation from the organizing committee of the International Congress of Cardiology (ICC-2012) on 2-4 December 2012 in Guangzhou, China. This is a proof that another research work from the KSAU-HS and NGHA Program in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going a long way - receiving international acknowledgment


International Presentation of Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALS) in the United Kingdom

The Executive Board of ALSO UK invited Ms. Deepa Ramesh, Coordinator of ALS-KSA Program to attend the ALSO International Annual Conference held on 15th and 16th of June 2012 in England. Highlight of the conference was the presentations given from other countries on how they have successfully implemented the ALSO program and the opportunity to network and learn from other countries how they have overcome problems they have faced.

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