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Postgraduate Training Center, Deanship of Postgraduate Education, Riyadh


v  2009:

  • Introduction of New Heart saver First Aid w/CPR & AED and Heart saver CPR courses, which are the basic life support courses for non-healthcare professionals.
  • The introduction of Pediatric Fundamentals of Critical Care Support Course.
  • Increases the number of offered Life Support Courses to cope up with the increased demands of such courses for both NG & None-NG employees to conduct around 200+ LSC for 4000+ trainees.

v  2010:

  • MOH Training Project Agreement
  • The Postgraduate Training Center conducted a total of 20 courses and trained a total of 900 participants in completion of the remaining courses for the MOH Training Project’s first agreement of July 2010.

v  2011:

  • Held 8 symposia and conferences with more than 3000 participants.
  • Officially recognized as an International Training Center by the American Heart Association.
  • More than 400 total numbers of courses and over 100 events increases from last year inside and outside KSA Correspondingly, the total number of participants (trainees) reached more than 17,000 with over 5,000 trainees increase from last year.

v  2012:

  • Dr. Alamin Berhanu and Ms. Manal Al Nasser, authors of the published review article titled: ‘Automated external defibrillator. Trends of automated external defibrillator training in Saudi Arabia and global perspectives on use and deployment’ presented in the International Congress of Cardiology (ICC-2012) on 2-4 December 2012 in Guangzhou, China receiving international acknowledgement.
  • International Presentation of Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) in the United Kingdom.
  • Certificate of global excellence of the training program as International Center of Excellence - ALSO KSA® Program Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics ALSO (provided by the American Academy Family Physicians AAFP.
  • Highest Trainees’ Number Record from American Heart Association (AHA®)

v  2013:

  • Year 2013, the total number of activities conducted by the Postgraduate Training Center for this year reached up to 386 courses with 11,001 trainees.
  • Provided Heart Saver courses – Arabic and English versions.
  • The first Patient Safety Forum was carried out under the auspices of HRH Prince Mit'eb bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, with more than 3,196 participants.

v  2014:

  • Re-Accreditation and Official Recognition of the NGHA-ILSTC as “American
  • Heart Association® International Training Center for the period of three (3) years from 9 Oct. 2014 to 9 Oct. 2017.
  • Recipient of an “American Heart Association® Silver Recognition
  • Award simultaneous on the NGHA-ILSTC’s re-accreditation with the AHA® as International Training Center on October 2014.
  • Expanded span of control and scope of responsibility with the addition
  • of symposia-conferences division under the umbrella of the Postgraduate

Training Center.

  • Obtained approximately 1,018 CME Hours accreditation for variety of

courses from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialty.

  • Introduction of additional On-Line or E-Learning courses such as: NRP,

BMS and AHA® Instructor Essentials such as: BLS, ACLS and PALS.

  • Increased number of Arabic courses provided for Saudi Nationals and

the community such as: BLS Arabic, and First responder Arabic.

  • Increased number of Arabic courses provided for Saudi Nationals and the community such as: BLS Arabic, and First responder Arabic
  • Ongoing Training project for MOH personnel.

     I.         Automated Registration System:


The Symposia/Conferences Division had been the first and pilot user of the recently launched Deanship of Postgraduate Education’s automated system in registration, attendance, surveys and CME Certification that were developed in cooperation with the IT Services of KSAU-HS. These systems or programs are:


  1. 1.       Event Registration Management.

The system enables participants to create an account, register online and update their profiles. Participants can also browse the Events Calendar and check for currently offered symposia and conferences and are ready to accept online registrations. The system automatically provides the registrant a confirmation number for every successful event registration made.

  1. 2.       Attendance barcodes.

The barcode system was introduced and implemented to facilitate recording of participants’ attendance during the event. In this system, each participant’s badge will have a unique code that will be scanned at the registration areas, instead of the usual log sheet method of signing-in and signing-out for participants’ attendance monitoring.

  1. 3.       Online Surveys.

Upon completion of the attendance recording via the barcode system, eligible participants are provided website links to access an online survey after the event. The completion and submission of the online survey is a requirement for the participant to download their E-Certificate.

  1. 4.       E-certificate.

Upon completion of the Online Survey, the participant is provided an E-Certificate that is automatically saved in their KSAU-HS Events account and can be printed anytime for their convenience.

  1. 5.       Mobile Applications.

The mobile application is free for downloading and available in both iOS and Android. It contains information about upcoming symposia and conferences.

v  2015:

  • Obtained nearly 1,161 CME (Continuous Medical Education) hours of training accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
  • Trained more than 10.551 participants successfully for the Life Support Courses, inside and outside MNHGHA and KSAUHS.
  • Trained more than 14.311 participants successfully in specialized courses passing all necessary written, verbal and clinical exams and tests.
  • Has increased the number of training courses in the Arabic language, as follows:
  • Basic Life Support Course.
  • First Responder Arabic.
  • Provided E-Learning Life Support Courses remotely online, as follows:
  • Basic Medication Safety BMS
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program NRP
  • Basic Life Support BLS
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support ACLS
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support PALS
  • The Postgraduate Training Center had been awarded to reach the Gold

Level for the first time with American Heart Association in 2014/2015

with 8,183 participants.

  • Participation in the Saudi Simulation Course with Ministry of Health

with the workshop, “Integration of Simulation in Patient Safety Issues,”

with an approximate attendance of 600 participant.

  • Scored the highest demand on Moulage booths and hands-only CPR in

Saudi Conferences.

  • Activated the Online BLS exam for recertification.
  • Successfully conducted MERS CoV Corona Syndrome Right Care, Right Now, Zero Transmission Risk Infection Control Training and Competency Program aligning with the contagious outbreak for MNGHA employees, with total of more than 10.000 participants.
  • Award and a certificate of recognition and Golden Excellence from the American Heart Association AHA ® for Basic Life Support courses and programs where the PTC has trained more than 8,000 trainees in the Middle East and North Africa.


The American Heart Association (AHA)

  • Accredited International Training Center since 2005 (ITC)

  • Center of Training Excellence  (CTE)

  • 1st Center in MENA for the highest number of trainees.

Read more: The American Heart Association (AHA)

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties


All PTC coursesare accredited from the Saudi Council for Health Specialties with CME hours. For more details and information please visit the link below:

American Association for Family Physicians (AAFP)


International Center of Excellence - ALSO KSA® Program:

The Postgraduate Training Center and the Advanced Life Support for Obstetrics (ALSO) - KSA Program was awarded the First INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in ALSO Program in the world,™ a recognition outside of the United States of America given by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

The award was based on the total number of courses and participants trained outside the United States of America (USA), abiding by the standards of the course and offering training to other organizations - locally and regionally. See related news release on

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